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Finding Twin Peaks is created by a community of longtime fans for the use of other fans.

The sponsors of Finding Twin Peaks are proud supporters of the following non-profit organizations. Please consider supporting them as well:

The primary impetus for the creation of Finding Twin Peaks was the closure of the legendary In Twin Peaks site. Finding Twin Peaks exists to continue the work of documenting and preserving information about Twin Peaks filming locations. The primary sponsor of Finding Twin Peaks has committed to keeping the site operational for at least the next twenty five years. Our site design pays tribute to In Twin Peaks, but any similar elements are created specifically for this site.

Finding Twin Peaks is entirely non-commercial. We will not feature advertising and will not harvest your personal information. Finding Twin Peaks editorial policy allows that editors and contributors may have a financial interest in tourism companies. When applicable, this information will be disclosed.

Special thanks to those who have gone before us, not limited to: Travis Blue, Pieter Dom, Ross Dudle, Brad Dukes, Craig Miller, Steven Miller, Charles Ramsey, John Thorne, Mischa (Jerry Horne) and may others.

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