Some of our favorite Twin Peaks-related resources:

  • Welcome To Twin Peaks - follow Pieter Dom's site for all the latest in Twin Peaks news

  • This Day In Twin Peaks - follow this Twitter feed for all the old Twin Peaks news

  • Blue Rose Magazine - subscribe for the latest in curated critical writing about Twin Peaks

  • Wrapped In Plastic - the remaining back issues of this legendary magazine are still for sale

  • Above The Convenience Store - John Thorne's insightful blog (be sure to check out his book)

  • Twin Peaks Book - Brad Dukes' book "Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks"  is an essential resource

  • Twin Peaks Day - keep abreast of Twin Peaks Day celebrations here

  • Twin Peaks Props - Mischa's site contains a good amount of prop identification for the dedicated

  • Twin Peaks Blog - Steven Miller's site contains useful detective work as well as long form articles about certain locations

  • In Twin Peaks - some portions of this legendary site are archived at the Internet Archive

  • Pendleton Woolen Mills - Pendleton has a nice blog post about all the Pendleton products used in Seasons 1 & 2

  • Brown Diner Mugs - H. F. Coors is once again selling the classic brown mugs seen in the Double R


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